About SD9

SD9 is international organization founded by social democratic youth branches of political parties from former Yugoslavia.

Members of SD9 are:

Youth Forum of Social Democrats of Slovenia (MF SD Slovenia)

Youth Forum of Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDY BIH)

Youth Forum of Social Democratic Party of Croatia (FM SDP Croatia)

Social Democratic Youth of the Social Democratic Union of Serbia (SDO in SDU Serbia)

Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia (SDMM Macedonia)

Youth League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSVO Serbia)

Social Democratic Youth of Montenegro (SDO Montenegro)


SD9 is founded in 2006. with idea that young social democrats from these countries work together on promotion of social democratic values in their societies. 

On the basis of SD9 program the basic goals and tasks of the SD9 are:
The establishment and application of basic social democratic values. Equality, solidarity, social justice and internationalism are values of social democracy that distance itself from everything that it is associated with the placement of members of one nation or any other group before the other, and the SD9 sees it as the most important foundation of the system of values that should become dominant in our societies.
Strengthening regional cooperation and promoting its importance for all the countries that were established on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. SD9 considers that the cooperation of citizens of these countries, and especially young people, can bring a higher standard of living, and that only through dialogue, understanding and joint efforts we can be strong and successful.
Increasing youth participation in political and public life, and especially in the decision-making processes. Youth must participate in the creation of their own lives, because it is the only way to contribute to their social integration, but also to meet the challenges of contemporary society, whose future leaders they will be.
Promoting the importance of constant struggle against fascism, nationalism, racism, chauvinism, and any form of discrimination. Young people as agents of change have huge responsibility to actively contribute to the creation of a society of equality and freedom, liberated from exclusion and discrimination on any grounds.