Utoya - five years later

Five years have passed since 69 of our comrades from AUF were killed at Utoya island. It has been clear that attack was motivated by extreme right hate. Five years later sadness and silence remains along with same question: Why?

Norwegian society and our comrades answered to attack with more democracy and belief in values that all of us socialists and social democrats share. Solidarity and equality, internationalism and freedom as response to extremism are the only option. 

In the days when European governments are facing rising of far right, we witness their confusion and almost helplessness to provide an adequate answer to new challenges.  Far right is rising, they use Brexit, refugee crisis and any other opportunity to spread their rhetoric of hate. 

More than ever we are decisive to reach the new answers to far right rising, their rhetoric and violence they spread. Today, as all the other days, we remember our comrades and commemorate them. We do that by fighting or our ideas and values all over Europe. That is what we owe to them, and that is the only answer. 


We will never forget Utoya.