Liderski sastanak SD9

SD9 leaders and two organization interested in membership (Youth Council of DPS and Democratic Youth) gathered in Ptuj in Slovenia. Reason for meeting was discussing further steps in network’s work.

Congress planned for end of 2016

The topic of meeting and most important job was changed of Statutes that will provide better and easier work of organization in next period. It has been agreed that process of becoming member organization becomes fair and democratic as much as possible. Decision making process is improved. Leadership agreed that next Congress of SD9 is going to be held at the end of 2016. Up to that date national elections that are expected by some MOs are going to be done.
As member organizations expect starting of different initiatives at national and European level, further activities and ideas were discussed.

Support for public schooling

During the visit to Ptuj, leaders participated in signing petition for public schooling funding and free education at all levels. This action is started by Mladi Forum from Slovenia.